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Siobhån Chavarrîa

Owner of Berrî

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica to an American mother and a Costa Rican father, Siobhán proudly cherishes her Latin American roots that encompass a mix of indigenous and European cultures. She came to the United States as a kid, growing up around the state of Rhode Island until leaving to study Anthropology at the City University of New York.

Siobhán was interested in the deeper aspect of food culture around what and why communities eat what they do. As Siobhán trudged through her early years in the hospitality industry working long physical hours, she found her happiness in the artful creative moments surrounding food. Siobhán feels as her investigation into the roots of her culture have greatly shaped her and allowed her to be an active participant in the evolution of identifying as Latinx.  

For the last 3 years, she combined her academic knowledge with her intensive research to bring Berri to life. As a Latina business owner, Siobhán struggled with the limited options of either assimilating into whiteness or selling a caricature of herself and her culture. However, with Berri,   Siobhán  showcased the foodways in regions that have been left out of popular food trends such as Central American, the Caribbean and Northern South America in a beautiful and poetic way. 


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