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Janette Perez

Janette Perez

Community Advocate & Innovator

As a woman of color, Janette Perez took notice early on that when seeking resources in her community, those who provided the services didn’t resemble her or the community. Once becoming a parent, she found a passion to call out these inequalities and use her voice to bring about change to those roles. 

Janette used this drive to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Work focusing in Youth and Adolescent Trauma. She has served in countless roles such as Community Design Team member, Alumni from the Parent Leadership Training Initiative, she is also a member of the Providence Schools PTO and PAC as well as Parents Leading for Educational Equity (PLEE.) 

She currently serves as a Clinician supporting students in schools. All this work has driven her to hope to one day begin a consulting business to support Non-profits and other outreach organizations by providing support in Trauma, Self-care and the balance of school and home while living in poverty. 

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