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Catalina Perez

Associate Director of Youth Leadership

Born and raised in Pawtucket, RI first generation to Colombian parents, Catalina used her upbringing and experiences throughout her own public education to follow a career in the education field.

As a young person, Catalina realized first hand the lack of space and ability to use her voice to speak on needs and concerns in regard to the education she was receiving. As a high school student she was made aware of the quality of her education and lack thereof as well as not having the support of those in power to make needed changes. Regardless, she persevered to receive her Bachelor’s Degree from Rhode Island College to be the change she wanted to see for students of color in public schools in urban communities. 

Today, Catalina is the Associate Director of Youth Leadership, supporting youth organizers all throughout New England pushing for more equitable practices and policies in education. She firmly believes our young people deserve to be at the table in an authentic way and help in the creation of schools to be an equitable place for all students of color.

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