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Zuleyma Gomez

Zuleyma Gomez

Chief of Staff for the City of Central Falls

Growing up in Central Falls, Rhode Island as a Mexican American, Zuleyma was able to witness a community that holds the utmost pride in their identity and constantly fights for the opportunity to become so much more. Having this experience throughout her childhood pushed the desire to have a hand in creating those opportunities by pursuing a degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College.

Zuleyma was not always heavily engaged in politics as a young adult. It was not until her 2014 involvement in the Latina Leadership Institute that opened her perspective and understanding of civic duty that is now ingrained in her. She registered to vote later that year to use her voice to help others understand the large result and changes that can come about in their own backyards.

Today, Zuleyma Gomez is the Chief of Staff for the City of Central Falls. She recognizes her duty to ensure all departments of the city are responsive to the community and that everyone has their voices heard when it comes to their community. She believes that the Latino community is gaining the strength and confidence to use vastly varied experiences to create new and truly authentic angles of civic engagement. 

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