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Brenda Almonte

Director of Public Property for the City of Providence

As a first generation Dominican American, Brenda grew up the youngest of three girls to a single mom from the Dominican Republic. She grew up with the support and love of her community, especially her grandfather who took on the role of a father figure early in her life. In 2018, Brenda’s grandfather passed away at the age of 98. His love and advice is dearly missed.


Education has played a large role in Brenda’s life. She was the second person in her family to graduate from college and one of the only ones to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Roger Williams University. Brenda is currently enrolled in a MBA program at the University of RI. Brenda’s early professional career in property management allowed her to assist and connect with residents in need of affordable and accessible housing. Her experience and language abilities allowed her to better connect with Spanish speaking Latino residents, while ensuring that her team also understood the needs of this community as well.


Today, Brenda is the Director of Public Property for the City of Providence, where she ensures that neighborhoods with higher percentages of Latinos receive equal consideration when it comes to maintenance and rehabs of city owned/managed buildings such as recreational centers or schools. “It feels amazing to drive around my city and know I can provide excellent asset management. I am the first bi-lingual and woman to hold this position. I couldn’t think of a greater honor.”

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