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Lissette Castrillon

Bilingual Speech and language pathologist

As a first generation Colombian-American born to Immigrant parents, Lissette connected with her roots through language. Being bilingual instilled in her the honor of speaking her native Spanish Language. In high school, she became fascinated by language and cultures that she set out to explore a career that married her passion with the experience of being bilingual, she found her path as a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist.

After an amazing opportunity to study her undergrad in Orlando, Florida and her graduate degree in Portland, Oregon she felt compelled to come back to her home state of Rhode Island to give back to her Latinx community to advocate on behalf of this community and others who see a high need for bilingual professionals across disciplines. In her work she works closely to debunk the myth that speaking both languages will confuse a child and in fact show that learning both simultaneously, enhances the emerging bilingual brain.

Witnessing the hard work and drive first hand from her parents, Lissette is not only successful in her career but also successful in breaking barriers. She newly purchased a home where she resides with her fiancé and puppy Cosmo. She truly believes that Latinos enrich our nation with their desire to work hard and achieve success no matter the sacrifice truly valuing the American Dream.

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