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Dr. Eugenio Fernandez Jr

Founder of Asthenis Pharmacy

Growing up in the West End of Providence, Engenio Fernandez Jr. witnessed the effects of inaccessibility to reliable health information outside of a doctor’s office. After completing his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island with quadruple degrees in Biology, Psychology, Pharmacy and Business, he went on to complete a Masters degree from Harvard University in Public Health. 

With all his knowledge and experiences within his community, he wanted to focus not so much on the heavily diverged clinician portion of health, but focus on the actual needs from the community. From this, he founded Asthenis because he saw and heard the needs for access to reliable health information outside of a doctor’s appointment. 

Asthenis not only powers as a traditional pharmacy but also serves as a community resource for reliable health education. Engenio’s mission for Asthenis is to build a health-conscious community by promoting public health guidance and health education. Located in Wiggin Village right across from the low-income neighborhood he grew up in, he identified the intersectionality of where people live and their ability to access reliable health education. 

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