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Gloria Greenfield

Gloria Greenfield

Senior Director of Community Programs

In 2001, amidst the political turmoil after 9/11 Gloria Greenfield left her home country of Venezuela at 25 and came to the US with nothing but two suitcases and her child. She worked many dead end jobs to survive and learn English. 

Four years later Gloria got a job at an immigration law office and found it to be an opportunity to learn everything there was about immigration law. She devoted her time there studying every piece of the process which began her path as a legal advocate. Although it wasn’t until she became a part-time court advocate at  Sojourner House that she found the mission of the organization aligned with her passions and values and her true career began.

As the Senior Director of Community Programs, Gloria has been able to advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in their immigration cases including deportation regardless of ability to pay. As an immigrant herself, she saw first hand the lack of legal services available for undocumented victims of domestic violence which created an immense barrier to leave abuse and seek shelter. It was because of this she established the first and only Advocacy Program housed in a state domestic violence agency. 

Her family, friends, and clients who are also Latino or immigrants have shown Gloria time and time again that our dreams are the essence of our core. “So many of them are business owners, leaders, and outstanding citizens of our community. We, immigrants, appreciate all the opportunities we receive and we know it’s our duty to give back to this incredible nation.”

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