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Steffy Molina

Steffy Molina

Bilingual Family Engagement Director

Born in Providence, RI, Steffy was born to a Bolivian mother and a Guatemalan father. At 6 months old, her mother brought her to live in Bolivia with her where she spent her childhood until the age of nine when they moved to Granollers-Barecelona Spain in search of a better life. After living in Spain for five years Steffy and her mother had to have the difficult conversation about her future as they were undocumented with an unstable finiancial situation so they decided it would be best to finish out her education in Bolivia. After graduating from high school in 2011 Steffy moved to the United States to pursue a career. 

Coming from a non-English speaking family, she was the interpreter growing up, experiencing first hand the many inequalities and discrimination of Non-English speaking families especially in education. It is from her experiences that she found her passion to provide affordable and accessible education for all. As the Bilingual Family Engagement Director at Providence Promise, she gets to bring her passion to work to bridge the gap between community and families and their engagement with their children’s education and success. 

She believes that although not every Latino experience is the same, the Latino community is extremely diverse and is always looking for ways to succeed and achieve the next opportunity to move forward. She points to the enrichment of the economy especially in the food industry by the Latino culture and cuisine.

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