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Victor Regino

Deputy Director of City Services for the City of Providence

Born and raised in Rhode Island as a first generation Puerto Rican and Dominican, Victor noticed at an early age the difference of growing up as an immigrant in a Spanish speaking household. At a young age, he was expected to help his mother navigate their new life in the United States by helping to interpret words, conversations and even legal documents; much of which was beyond his comprehension. His experiences while growing up helped create and shape his passion to serve and elevate the voice of the Latino community 

Today, Victor serves as the Deputy Director of City Services for the City of Providence. Working in the city with the highest population of Latino constituents, he is able to assist those in his community by directly communicating in their native language, assisting them with access to resources and city services that historically heavily impact their livelihoods as well as being able to voice their concerns. 

Aside from his professional capacities, Victor is also the proud Co-Founder of a liquor brand company called Papi’s Coquito, where he hopes to bring the traditional Puerto Rican beverage to liquor store shelves for all to enjoy. When he is not working, you can often find him offering business advice to help others achieve their career objectives and spending precious time with his fiancé Michaela and his beautiful daughter Aliani.

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