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Omi Hopper

Omi Hopper

Creator of CookingConOmi

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Omi grew up immersed in her culture surrounded by her family. At the age of 11, her parents decided to move to the mainland and although they did not speak any English they worked hard and learned very quickly. To keep Omi connected to her roots and never forgetting her Spanish, her mother would send her back to Puerto Rico to spend summers with her abuelos on their farm in Las Tres T, Rio Grande.

These summers are where Omi learned life lessons and hard work ethnic with her ‘buelo, but her most cherished times were spent in the kitchen with her abuelita. Finding her love of cooking, Omi watched the master at work as she cooked fresh vegetables from the garden, with pure joy while music played feeding Omi hearty meals that would later feed Omi’s career. As the creator of CookingconOmi, she cooks her family’s recipes and shares them with others who miss these home cooked pieces of their home land. She uses her social media influence to keep the love for these dishes alive and pass them on to generations to come. 

As a mom to four multiracial boys, Omi tries her very best to teach them as her abuelita taught her, the richness of their Puerto Rican Culture and their delicious food. She points out how amazing that living in the U.S. you encounter so many different nationalities but she is proud of all that Latinos have achieved and the hard work that goes into keeping the culture alive. 

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