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Tatiana Baena

Tatiana Baena

Director of Grants & Federal Programs at the Central Falls School District

Born in Colombia, Tatiana spent her early years in Medellin immersed in culture and family. At the young age of 8, she made the trip with her family to migrate to the smallest city in the smallest state in this new country, Central Falls, RI. Surrounded by hard workers, her drive is ingrained in her DNA. After graduating from Central Falls High School, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Rhode Island. 

With a deep love and connection for her community, Tatiana has always been the first to lend a helping hand. During the pandemic, she led the family support efforts for the Pawtucket/Central Falls Beat Covid initiative. This created systems and processes to connect residents affected with the needed resources. Tatiana also combined her love of soccer and service to create Mundialito, a soccer tournament event to bring together the community by showcasing talent and promoting local businesses and organizations while also awarding scholarships to local student athletes. 

Being Latinx affects every aspect of Tatiana’s life. She’s a Latina y Colombiana de pura cepa, and it is obvious in the way that she talks, the way that she walks, the way that she dresses, what she eats, and who she is. In her current role at the Central Falls School District, she now is the Director of Grants and Federal Programs. For the past three years she has served as the Director of Enrichment and Opportunities, providing learning and growth opportunities to students in the district. Tatiana is also an entrepreneur currently working on starting up a soccer store, and a consulting business to support local nonprofits, small businesses and individuals to maximize their network and potential.

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